A lot of website designers will offer to build you a "pretty" web site, but at Eyeness Partners we know that that there is a big difference between a mere online brochure and a 24x7 extension of your core business infrastructure.

There also those that try to sell you "gee-whiz" technology for its own sake with complete disregard for your ability to operate
and understand it, and whether it actually contributes to the website achieving the marketing objectives set for it.
Sometimes a website can just get too tricky for its own good and actually turn visitors away by being too high tech or different.

The web sites that Eyeness Partners build are functional and efficient, professionally presented,
aesthetically appropriate to their intended purpose,
and with a clear focus on the concept of informing - rather than entertaining the consumer.

An Eyeness Partners site gets the job done - and accurately reflects the 'real world' nature of a particular business.

Eyeness Partners have created many successful web sites over the past 10 years,
and there is no doubt that online consumers will use your web site as a place to do business with you -
simply rehashing your brochure just doesn't cut it anymore.
And that goes for retail and professional services web sites, as much as it does for travel and tourism sites.

You have one chance to sell to a web site visitor.
Your web site needs to be a sales office.
Unless your site answers all of the questions and satisfies all of the immediate needs of a potential customer,
they will move on to the next site.