While it is important having an effective website, guiding visitors to your website is more important !
Unique keywords submitted to search engines can make all the difference,
and with our experience, we can help you to get a better search engine listing than that of your competitors.
Page Rank is everything !
Search engines list websites according to how relevant the site is to the person doing a search.
Quite simply, we ensure that your site is one of the most relevant sites to your potential customers.
Here's how it works, briefly :
- Correct coding within the website, so that the search engines can understand what you have to offer.
- Correct and relevant content that indicates your sites' relevance to potential customers.
- Linking your site with other relevant sites, thereby increasing your sites authority,
in the eyes of the search engines.
Regularly monitoring your performance from submitted reports and responding effectively to changes in your position.
We email these reports to you weekly.
How Much?
Search Engine Optimisation begins at $30 per month - $1 a day.
We check your stats every week, and make any submissions and adjustments as required.
This charge can be included in your three monthly hosting and SEO costs.