There are two components to designing and publishing a website - Setup and Construction.
Setup covers getting the project rolling, and includes things like client contact,
concept development, preliminary artwork, and site navigation design.
The setup cost is on a sliding scale and depends on the size of the website, as larger sites require more planning.
While the quote for a website is detailed on the individual contract, setup varies from $550 for a small basic site,
and increases from there depending on extra features such as a shopping cart facility with secure payment gateway.
The setup component includes the generation of icons, linking images, page layout, color scheme, etc.
Please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you !

Construction charges are also on a sliding scale, but downwards as there is usually content duplication
from page to page. For example,the logo, header image and menu icons are generally duplicated.
Charged per page where a page contains up to 400 words of text and up to 4 photos.
Pricing ranges from $100 per page for a 5 page website, down to $70 per page for 20+ pages.
Depending on content size and complexity, most costs are negotiable.
Eyeness Partners do not charge by the hour, but by the size of the site.
Charging by the hour can be a dangerous business for the client, some designers will bill you for imaginary hours.
This is why we charge by the site - how do you know if changes that you need to your site took your designer
only one hour, or the five hours charged ? That's why we charge by the site !

There are a lot of variables to be considered in building a site,
and a pricing structure that includes all of them would confuse the hell out of you.
It is a fairly artificial way of doing things, but we know how long it takes to build a site of a certain size,
on average, and it's simpler for you to get your head around the cost of the finished product,
rather than having to deal with the irrelevant intricacies of the technical process it will take to create it.
The details of your individual costs are set out in your contract.